Self-Pay Collection Bad-Debt RecoveryClaims Resolution

About Us

Founded in 1976, AMCOL Systems is a provider of Self-Pay Collection, Bad Debt Recovery and Insurance Claims Resolution services.  

We pride ourselves with our successes in training, our quality assurance processes, our successful customer-service methodology in operations and our overall performance results. All of these unique attributes are supported by the many long-term relationships we have with clients. We also know that healthcare providers want and expect the best possible patient experience and outcomes even when it comes to collections. Our references will tell you that we deliver on these expectations.

When searching for a business process outsourcing partner, consider AMCOL Systems. We are quality certified through ACA International's Professional Practices Management System (PPMS). With four decades of experience, we are confident in our ability to produce for you! Whether you are interested in self-pay collections, bad debt recovery, or insurance claims resolution, we'll get results! Contact us! We're ready!